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Spring 2012

With the arrival of Spring there are several things you should do to prepare your system for the longer, hotter, days of the growing season.

  • Perform a full visual checkup of your system. Go through each station or zone and check for problem heads, broken lines, and pressure issues.
  • As the growing season arrives you'll need to adjust your watering times. Many modern controllers have a seasonal adjust setting that will allow you to increase run times without making changes to each station's programmed run time. The older analog controllers will require individual adjustments to all the stations.
  • Remember to split up the watering schedule to avoid wasteful run off, weed growth, or diseases that may occur from pooling.
  • Pay special attention to newly planted trees and shrubs. Water them deeply by hand every couple of days. Even the best of irrigation systems are only intended to suppliment the rain from Mother Nature. You may still have to hand water to get things established.

Check back with us periodically for updates and watering tips.